Form fillable pdf in wordpress

22 February, 2021 22:57:21
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Hello, all I want to do is display a form fillable pdf on my wordpress site using your shortcode, but when I do so this is the error that comes up. Please advise.
PDF.js v2.3.200 (build: 4ae3f9fc)
Message: Unexpected server response (500) while retrieving PDF "".
22 February, 2021 23:38:10
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It looks like can be something incorrectly set inside E2Pdf Template or plugin conflict as it seems fails due timeout ofs indefinite loop.

If it's acceptable for you, can you please submit support ticket with access details to WP Admin Dashboard here:

If not:
- Do you face error when click "Preview" or "View Saved" while E2Pdf Template edit?
- Can you export data from "E2Pdf" -> "Export"?
- Will you face issue if you will created empty E2Pdf Template connected to same item?
- Can you please download and share with us backup of E2Pdf Template. (screenshot attached)

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