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22 April, 2022 14:23:16
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I have created 2 forms;
The first form is where the client is asked a bunch of questions;
After I review the answers I update the form to be signed;
They are then brought to another form filling in all the fields as read only with a signature field;
Once they sign it I want to automatically send them a pdf copy of the filled out form with the signature.

How would I do that last part?
I am using Formidable Forms Elite.

22 April, 2022 23:29:42
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Does your 2nd's form created entry contains all information which must be available inside PDF? If yes then you just need to create E2Pdf Template connected to 2nd form with mapped fields and use E2Pdf shortcodes inside mail body - for example [e2pdf-attachment id="1"], where 1 is the ID of E2Pdf Template.

If not, do you have any connection (saved value) of 1st form Entry ID submission inside 2nd form submission? Or the 2nd's form entry contains just user "Signature"?
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