Formidable Forms and PDF to E-Mail

4 January, 2019 06:48:17
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Can I use this Add-On to, when the user clicks submit on a form, a PDF is created and then attached to 2 different emails at once?

Also can the add-on also dynamically either auto-number the PDF's or add a date and time stamp to each PDF so they are not all the same?

Here's my problem. For our Safety department we are creating a form in Formidable Forms that will work on a mobile phone via a web site. The Employee has to fill out a checklist of safety procedures at each job site they go to (More specifically Service guys). We need to have a record e-mailed to our company (for OSHA or should there be an incident) and the user also needs a copy emailed to them for themselves.

Before I spend $200 on this I need to make sure it will do what I think it will do.

Thank You!
4 January, 2019 07:01:13
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1) Yes, it's possible to attach PDFs to different emails.

2) You can use [id] of entry, [e2pdf-format-date]now[/e2pdf-format-date] shortcode for current datetime or [pdf_num]* shortcode.

*[pdf_num] shortcode will be increased on each PDF generation for same entry.

You can test plugin absolutely free before purchasing License Key as we limit only number of activated Templates and number of pages inside this template to 1 with Free version.

So you can create E2Pdf Template from scratch with 1 page or just use "PDF" file with one page to test all and only after this decide if our plugin fit your needs.

We remain at your service.
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4 January, 2019 07:08:32
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TY! I will test!