Gutenburg editor content not downloading very well

22 July, 2020 14:44:00
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Hello - If we can get this to work, this will be perfect for what I am looking for.

I want all of our articles (blog posts), press releases, and customer stories downloadable in a nice format, but I can't see to get it to work right jus using "[post_content]". The header image is all off and the text is also out of whack.

I figured out how to format the text with CSS, but when using the class name to display none in the css for the header image it doesn't work.
Can I use an action for this? I don't understand how those work, the documentation is not very clear.

23 July, 2020 00:34:16
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E2Pdf main purpose is to output data from forms to static positions, but there is ability to use it also for pages. Unfortunately not all tags supported so it can be issues with exporting pages to PDFs as is. We are continuously working on extending "html" to "pdf" conversion feature, however it's still not perfect.

Here is example of E2Pdf usage with WordPress Pages. Note please, in example below it used [e2pdf-format-output] shortcode to add spaces after "p" tags. "p" tag also can accept "margin" style.

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