How to share URL to download PDF?

8 April, 2020 11:21:02
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Hi, I am building out a sales rep sell sheet builder. My reps want to share a download link to the PDF however we dont want them to have access to the full wordpress site. Is there a way to do this?

Additionally, is there a way to dowload all PDFs gerenated from posts? Ex: if I have 60 posts/pdf, can I download all of them at one time?
8 April, 2020 23:37:17
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E2Pdf is built to use it directly on WordPress site. It could be possible to complete the task but unfortunately it could require custom coding and reviewing the task how you are trying to accomplish this task and the process.

As about bulk download, unfortunately this functionality is under development and we expect to add it till the end of 2nd quarter 2020. Meanwhile, the only way to download bulk PDFs is to use [e2pdf-save] shortcode via PHP with iterating through needed posts.

Example of usage:

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