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Forminator Forms
13 January, 2021 06:27:39
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I created a PDF template for submissions of my Forminator form.
For some reason I can't explain, some fields doesn't display values in the PDF file.
However, I've chosen the right field ID…

For example: I map a field with {checkbox-3} and I doesn't work, but it's ok with {checkbox-4}.
Same with the Forminator address field: I tried {address-1} {address-2} {address-3} as well as {address-1-street_address} {address-2-zip} {address-3-city} but nothing works here…

I tried with input fields and html objects but without success.
Same problems with Auto-PDF option.

Any suggestion?
13 January, 2021 07:04:40
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Unfortunately we can't replicate it on our side. Everything renders correctly. Are you sure that entry which you are trying to export has this information filled up?

P.S. If it's acceptable for you, can you please submit support ticket here: with access details to your WP Admin Dashboard so we can make some tests on your side?

We remain at your service.
If you appreciate our support , we would really appreciate your feedback at!
14 January, 2021 00:05:44
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Thanks for your quick response.
I confirm I filled all the form fields during my tests.
I'll open a support ticket to go further.