Formidable Forms to PDF

Create dynamic PDF documents with data from Formidable Forms.

Formidable Forms provides over 30 field types, including an electronic signature, repeater, and Dynamic (Relationship) fields that are compatible with E2Pdf.

Merge user input data into a fillable PDF form and send as an attachment using Formidable's Email Notification Actions.


Auto PDF
Auto Form
Visual Mapper
Export Item


Shortcodes that can be used inside Formidable E2pdf Template:

  • [x] - ID or Field Key of field
    • Value: (string)
    • Usage: [1]
    • * Can be applied additional view shortcodes according your version of Formidable
  • [e2pdf-frm-entry-values id="form_id" field_id="field_id"] - Dynamic field value of another form
    • form_id: (int)
    • field_id: (string)
    • Usage: [e2pdf-frm-entry-values id="123" field_id="12"]
  • [field_id:num] - Repeatable fields separate values
    • field_id: (string)
    • num: (int)
    • Usage: [123:1]