Link - is a link object. It can be placed over any element.

Properties #

Element #

  • ID - is the element id.
  • Page ID - is the element page id.
  • Type - is the element type.
  • Position Left - is the left position of the element.
  • Position Top - is the top position of the element.
  • Width - is the width of the element.
  • Height - is the height of the element.

Style #

  • Highlight - is the highlight of the link.
    • Invert - Invert the contents of the annotation rectangle
    • Outline - Invert the annotation’s border.
    • Push - Display the annotation as if it were being pushed below the surface of the page.
  • Z-index - is the field render priority. Can be set to a negative value.

Value #

  • Value - is the link value. The final value can be a generated URL.

Actions #

  • Add Action - is a add actions and conditional logic to the link object to show, hide and change properties. See how to use: Read More ››