Language Support

Language support is depending on the fonts used inside E2Pdf Template. Currently, it's not possible to use multiple fonts on the same field / object so if it needs multilanguage support it must be used fonts that can support multiple needed languages. Read More ››

RTL Language #

  • In case it's used Default (Stable Version) font processor - the RTL option is required to be checked globally or on needed fields / elements.

Font Processors #

  • E2Pdf contains 2 font processors that have different ways of working with fonts. Font processor can be changed individually at E2Pdf Template Settings.

    Font Processors:
    • Plain Fonts - supports most common languages and fonts. For the RTL languages, it must be set RTL option under E2Pdf Template or field / element.

    • Complex Fonts - has extended fonts support and languages. Required to be set for the complex fonts and for the fonts that support languages like Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, etc.