Input - is a signature object.

Properties #

Element #

  • ID - is the element id.
  • Page ID - is the element page id.
  • Type - is the element type.
  • Position Left - is the left position of the element.
  • Position Top - is the top position of the element.
  • Width - is the width of the element.
  • Height - is the height of the element.
  • Field Name - is a custom field name that will be used inside PDF.

    As Field Name - force to use a custom Field Name. If not checked, the auto-generated field name will be used.

Field #

  • Font Color - is the font color of the text signature.
  • Font - is the font of the text signature. If not set, the default E2Pdf Template font will be used.
  • Font Size - is the font size of the text. If not set, it will be used font size to fit the signature object size.
  • Placeholder - Placed hold of the e-Signature. Is used only when the e-Signature option is checked inside the PDF Viewers that don't support e-Signatures.
  • e-Signature - converts the object to the PDF e-Signature field. For the printed signature from the form / field / meta - option must NOT be checked.
  • Horizontal Align - is the horizontal alignment of the signature.
  • Vertical Align - is the vertical alignment of the signature.
  • Keep Image Ratio - keeps the signature ratio.
  • Lock Aspect Ratio - locks the aspect ratio while resizing inside E2Pdf Template.
  • Keep Lower Size - prevents resizing the signature if the generated size is lower than the signature object.

Style #

  • Background - is the background of the signature. Will be applied for the transparent or text signatures.
  • Padding - is the inner padding of the signature.
  • Border Color - is the border color of the signature.
  • Border - is the border width of the signature.
  • Z-index - is the field render priority. Can be set to a negative value.

Value #

  • Value - is the signature value. The final value can be a generated URL to the signature image or the text.

Actions #

  • Add Action - is a add actions and conditional logic to the field to show, hide and change properties. See how to use: Read More ››