A shortcode wrapper is applied to modify the date output of the shortcode or field slug.

Basic Attributes #

  • Output current datetime: Output current UTC datetime: Output current WordPress datetime: Output current WordPress UTC datetime:
    • gmt - Force to output WordPress UTC datetime.
    • format - Date format in PHP date() function style.
    • function - Function to return the datetime.
      • date - Use PHP date() function (default)
      • wp_date - Use wp_date() function. Must be used to get translated date.

    Format date in custom language:
    • locale - Custom language must be installed on WordPress. To see available locales you can Turn on Debug Mode at E2Pdf -> Settings and check it on the E2Pdf -> Debug page.
    • timezone - Adjust datetime to defined Timezone with wp_date function.
    • timestamp - Date format from the "timestamp" (1681984741) returned by shortcode or field slug.
    • offset - Add or remove a set amount of time.