The License Key doesn't match this site #

Each website on the first activation gets a unique License Key and the issue can happen due WordPress website was reinstallation without E2Pdf plugin removal firstly. To fix the issue it must be applied the License Key that was before website removal.

  • For the local websites, it's recommended to use unique WordPress Site URLs (mydomain123.local).
  • It's recommended adding websites to Dashboard -> Sites. See how to Add?


  • If the website was added to your E2Pdf Dashboard, go to Dashboard -> Sites, copy the License Key that is assigned to your website and apply it at E2Pdf -> License.

  • If it was used paid License Key on the website, go to E2Pdf -> License and apply the same paid License Key.

  • If the website is not hosted locally and available from the internet:

    • Auto restore License Key:

    • Add website to Dashboard -> Sites to get active License Key:

  • If the website is local or it was issue with using other options, submit please Contact Us request with the screenshot of E2Pdf -> License and URL of website.

The document contains no pages #

PDF doesn't load in Chrome

In most cases, it happens due to the added empty condition to hide the page via Page Actions.


Can’t download PDF files when WP Rocket is active #


If a website is hosted by OVH and it used WP Rocket, the PDFs can fail to load.


Install solution offered by WP Rocket:

Templates Limit Reached #

Free or Paid License Keys have a limitation on the number of E2Pdf Templates that can be activated. In case the number of E2Pdf Templates is over the limit, it will be thrown an error.


  • Deactivate unused E2Pdf Templates by following steps here.

E2Pdf shortcodes fail to work #


Images fail to render inside PDF #

In some cases, it can happen that Images do not render via Image Object or inside HTML.

HTML Object

Images via <img src=""> must be accessible via URL and it will fail if the image can't be accessed via remote request.

    • Malformeed <img src=""> tag inserted to the HTML Object
    • Shortcode / Field Slug doesn't output correct Image URL
    • The image doesn't exist
    • The website is local
    • The website is protected via .htaccess
    • It's used plugin that makes the website inaccessible for remote requests, like "under construction", etc

Image Object

Images can fail if the image can't be accessed either locally or remotely depending on the generated URL by the Shortcode / Field Slug.

    • The Shortcode / Field Slug doesn't output the correct Image URL
    • The image URL doesn't accessible either locally or remotely
    • The image doesn't exist


  • To see and debug the value that is generated it's recommended to use a textarea element with mapped shortcode / field slug to see the output on the generated PDF.